Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bizzare of Triangle

Room by Room
an Exhibition where the creativity of interior and product designer
gathering together!!
there are me and my friends who have a great time to show our design.
the event and exhibition were held on 11th until 31st October 2010 ,
And also have a Happening Gathering on 22th October 2010. All designer attends to see you.

I have interviewed by Bina Nusantara online TV,
to introduce my Bizzare of Triangle design concept

The designers
in 15 Chamber of Ideas

Me.. with my costume , same like my Bizzare of Triangle , served Triangle Cake for the invitations and visitors

enjoy our exhibition!!

Bizzare of Triangle

here's the guide for operational use of my Bizzare of Triangle set.
click on this drawing, to zoom in

My Bizzare of Triangle Set ;)

The Bizzare of Triangle Book Shelf and the stool

Carpet together with (still on progres) cushions and coffee table

Bizzare of Triangle

Bizzare of Triangle Carpet

Bizzare of Triangle Lamp
made from stained glass and wood for the little drawer

the little drawer of triangle shape

Lamp's On
use to be on a desk, so when you come home, you can storage your jewelry after hang out or else

Coffee Table
made from Wood, and finishing duco colour.
you can storage anything inside the shelfs of these coffee table, includes for its cushion