Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giant Globe for Bank Mandiri Events

Can't sleep tonight after christmas dinner with my family. I drink hazelnut decaf coffee when we had dessert. Thanks God was red velvet cake ,soo yummy! suit much with the bitter coffee. Actually we are muslim familly. But, just to have fun celebrate the 25th December night. We had christmas tree with presents at the bottom. Gathered them to exchange each other. i got nice shirt, yellow tanktop with shinny diamonds and channel 5 colors eyeshadow make up.

one of my present for my nephew

christmas tree

my family, opening present!

Okay, for making me sleepy, now i want to share about my recent project. I got it from my workplace. My director asked me , could i make some giant globe. She said it's for Bank Mandiri event that should be big to hug. So every people can take photo with the globe. I said , sure! i want to make it :)
And the deal begin with "no styrofoam please!" . yes, absolutely i was glad, because i dont want to use that material too. I choose bamboo as the framework. Then, a newspapers as a wrapping and for the textured geographic map.
here's the photo when it finished :

me and the giant globe (not james with the giant peach , ;p). photo taken right away after finished. That's why i still use my pajamas at 6am.

the process after i wrapped it all with the newspapers, i used wallpaint for the colouring.

and it's done! needs two days to finished. I did from 9am until 5am by the next day after.
Of course with rest and watch tv ahaha :D
Happy i did that by my own hand. Except the bamboo framework, i asked my artisan.

Friday, December 23, 2011

my Digital caricature

My friend gonna marry hehe..His name is Damar Restio. He asked me to make a caricature of him and his fiance. Directly i choose digital way. Using photoshop and corel draw, are easier way to do fast. Actually it's been a long time ago. Like for about in July he asked me. I've been busy ;p then i finished it in December. And gave him on 12th. He will be marry on 24th Dec 2011. Such a cute couple. I love em , like my lil brother and lil sis!

Earlybird feeling for Love birds :)

these one is their real photo

these one is my conversation with Damar, when he can't stand to looked forward to see the progres last time.

their clothes ;p

and of course their horse.. actually looks like me, ahahhaahha

Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011

HEY !! long time not update my blog, while i had some great activities to share.
I joined the Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011 again, the date was in December 9th to 11th.
This was my second participation. If the first one was only a tinny puppets of "trikky" which is 4inch. Then now we have to modification the bigger Munny. It was about 7inch tall.

My concept is about a women. She represents of me. And i give her a pattern of zebra. Because i love zebra, and i mixed with my last ear ceramics exhibition as her background setting. Her name is Inifa. Which is reverse of my name. I let her chest and stomach open as i know she's fragile but still wanted to be brave colected ears , because women loved to hear and to be hear. Well ignore the concept.. and let your perception flow when you see her, then .

If i put in the box again, looks like already a zebra!

her chest and stomach

her hand

before front hair

after front hair

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ceramic Workshop before Exhibition 6th-12th Oct,11

Mirjam Veldhuis , the ceramic artist from Holand. She is our mentor in the workshop. The concept is about "Skin Matters". She told us to used some pattern, look a like a flower with many petals as a brain storming method. That is , in my opinion, really works well! :)

My sketch of the brain-storming idea. On the center we wrote skin, and next petal we wrote anything random which still conected with skin. And every next word have related with the word before and so on, but randomly. Then the word on last petals will be far away from Skin Matters. That i choose TV. How come Skin related to TV?? hehe, now that is the challenge.

Many idea growth in my brain. But after i wrote it, i choosed to make a wallpaper as an identic thing with TV. Well, usually we watch TV in the Living room. And Living Room in nowadays or even in old time, use wallpaper as the wall decoration in house, replace the paint.

And wall..somehow, we called a witness that can hear what we do in the room. They can not see or speak. I interpretationed it with ears popping out from the wall through the wallpaper.

Anykinds of ear, because i dont know, whats in there.. but i know they really wants to hear us.

i used "hand built" technique to make the ear

ears on wallpaper!! i did soo many ;D

and these one is the furniture in the Living Room as another display props. I spray them all white

Ceramic Exhibition 6th-12th October 2011

"Ready ,Set, Go.. Who's The Winner?!"

Treat your wall as a human, Cover them with wallpaper as their Skin, They might hear what you do in the room within. -Afini Dwinastary-

Stoneware, Colored Slip, Glaze, 1250*C, Hand Built, Various Dimenssion, 2011

I have concept and i have story for the tittle of my work in this exhibition. As i told you before, my concept comes from the tittle of the workshop,"Skin Matters" by Mirjam Veldhuis, ceramic artist.

I choose wallpaper as the skin. That cover the wall. In my perception, wall is the silent witness that only can hear. That's why , they wanted to hear what we do, untill their ear pops up from the wallpaper.

Then i made the display not only simple display, but i want it to have a story. I set them as a living room from my TV idea in the recent brain storming. As i see my ceramics are many. Some I've made it welldone, some i made it crack, or torn on some part.

So, my story of the display is about competition of applying wallpaper in the room. There are two room. One still messy i called it "Un-fini-shed Room" . Another one is already tidy and clean i called it "Fini-shed Room".

"Un-fini-shed Room"

next side "Un-fini-shed room"

"Fini-shed Room"

next side "Fini-shed Room"

outside "Fini-shed Room"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Workshop and Exhibition for Oct 2011

yiippy!! an Exhibition again..

as i wish i want to have them at least once a year..

I am glad those goodluck came to me after my birthday. Here's the story..

After I left Bali, i wanted to make my decision of being an artist (i hope this will last forever ;P) or being a good furniture/product designer; REAL.

Then, i went to Bandung on my birthday, September 10th , 2011. I wanted to refresh my self , hang around with my closest friends. Being in Bandung feels like hometown too for me. I have studied here for 5years in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

My friend ask me to join some workshop. I was surprised that is Ceramic, things that i haven't touched before. And again, I will say YES! for learn new things !!

I've got more exited , because the artwork of that workshop will be exhibit, after.

Anyway, for futher information , i have coppied these text of that workshop:

(click the tittle,will guide you to the complete photos)

Ceramic Workshop Mirjam Veldhuis and Mella Jaarsma

“The aim of the workshop was to get into an experimenting mood on the subject of skin. Participants were invited to follow their intuition on it. This exhibition is showing the result of their individual processes and is not so much about finished pieces of art.”

Exhibition : 6 – 12 October 2011

Opening : 6 October 2011 at 19.30

Galeri Soemardja FSRD ITB

Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung. West Java, Indonesia

Open daily from 09.00 – 17.00


Afini Dwinastary Agia Putri Akbar Adhi Satrio Antonio Sebastian Bonggal J. Hutagalung Chany Foresty Damar Ayu Cahyani Dessy Safira Dodi Hilman Herra Pahlasari Lidyawati Lim Maria Josephina Rizki Andina Soekrisno Sekarputri Sidhiawati Siti Nur Fauziana Tania Andina Kardin Tisa Granicia Zulkarnaen Andries Omar

Mirjam and me

a view of us, the participants

3months in Bali

my illustration for the bottom of the candle

another water colour rendering for LifeStyle and Home Department at John Hardy

the detail of my water colour rendering, i change the silver pattern

3months in Bali

Learning Water Colour

Oh wow! it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. I had some holiday trip to Japan, Singapore and Bali. And the last one was the place that i had some trial work as a Life Style product designer.

Yes, i had worked only 3months in Bali, ehehheehe.. not because i am lazy. it's just I can't push my self for something that not in my passion. Actually I intended to be a Silver Jewelry designer , i want to learn new things besides furniture or else in Product Design.

Thats why i dont mind at all to leave my hometown for the famous international silver jewelry company,
John Hardy. Which I can have a great opportunity for my portfolio. But as they know my major is Product Designer, they want me to be the product designer for home decoration, office merchandiser, and some request project; they called it LifeStyle and Home Department.

Still I did my best for the position, i am happy to work there too. Even i miss for a colourfull images of free design like i did for PT. Toimoi Indonesia before (I feel that i am fit in to that images). Day by day goes, evidently, i still think to get back to my hometown if i cant get the Jewelry Designer position in the company. I want to choose another option of my career destination for art and continue my furniture passion.

So.. to be honest for myself and company, i didn't continue the trial. But i am glad that the boss understand my descission and all the worker are very kind to me, since beginning until the end. On my last day in Bali, they've gave me great prepared farewell party. I really hope i can stop by to the office when i visit Bali again someday.

It was not any regret, all of the jobdesk was fun and i did learned how to rendering with watercolour , and here they are..

sea shell with silver trophy 1

sea shell with silver trophy 2

sea shell with silver trophy 3

sea shell with silver trophy 3

sea shell with silver trophy 4

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charity Exhibition for Bali Dogs

the flyer
I join the Naka Charity Exhibition for Bali Dogs. And here i coppied the further info about the exhibition:

Bali has many street dogs that are often subjected to the most horrendous cruelty. Some animal rescue organizations: BAWA, BARC and Yudistira Swarga have been struggling to accommodate them all.

Oh, for DOG's Sake! is a charity art exhibition organized by Naka Contemporary Art to help raise money for street dogs in Bali.

We bring together diverse range of artists, local and international, to experiment unlimitedly with every possible interpretation of their love of the dogs in any kind of media they feel drawn to.

Support this great cause and get a chance to help our four-legged friends and meet some of the most exciting artists in town!

Here is my friend, Ayu. Who attended the exhibition and tag my painting in facebook. hehe these photo i have got from her. Thanks for the documentation Ayu.

My Painting. " Fantasy of Mine". Oil on Canvas. 50x50cm. From the tittle , that because i really want to have dogs, but i havent. heheehe i love these kind of dogs. Something like Kintamani dogs or Hachiko.

beads i sewed

and also the necklace from gem buttons i have sewed by myself

Friday, January 14, 2011

Books & Sketches Theme, for Window Display

Hello there, it is begining of Chinese New Year season. The rabbit shio's year. My Boss want us to mixed the shio as the icon and the books for the monthly sales of our store. Me and My Visual Merchandiser team (we are 6people) decided to make our Window Display and Gallery in Alun Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia 3rd floor , West Mall with sketches image. All the property for display using triplex wood , painted white and illustrated with handmade sketches.

We still use the red color for the Chinese New Year identicaly image. ;) So I let the wall and the floor to be red. The Chinese Lamp will adds 1 week before the date.

So, this is my work. I name it Anna and Rabbits. I took a setting outside of Book Store ("TOKO BUKU"). So the girl named Anna , who is a teenage girl who loves to read a book. She always visit her favorite book store to feed her brain with many books of Indonesian culture and history to remember.

reading a book

The Door of the book store. The pillow have Palembang, Sumatera pattern. And i added traditional Chinese umbrela also the lunch box for Chinese New Year images.

Couple of yellow birds in the cage,
The Bird Cage is full of Chinese Illustration and Chinese Letter

"Toko Buku" : Book Store

Bunny 1 & 2 and Anna

Bunny 1 wants to know what is the book of Anna's reading

Bunny 2 wants to have a carrot ;p

and that's Me with my art works ;)