Thursday, October 13, 2011

3months in Bali

Learning Water Colour

Oh wow! it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. I had some holiday trip to Japan, Singapore and Bali. And the last one was the place that i had some trial work as a Life Style product designer.

Yes, i had worked only 3months in Bali, ehehheehe.. not because i am lazy. it's just I can't push my self for something that not in my passion. Actually I intended to be a Silver Jewelry designer , i want to learn new things besides furniture or else in Product Design.

Thats why i dont mind at all to leave my hometown for the famous international silver jewelry company,
John Hardy. Which I can have a great opportunity for my portfolio. But as they know my major is Product Designer, they want me to be the product designer for home decoration, office merchandiser, and some request project; they called it LifeStyle and Home Department.

Still I did my best for the position, i am happy to work there too. Even i miss for a colourfull images of free design like i did for PT. Toimoi Indonesia before (I feel that i am fit in to that images). Day by day goes, evidently, i still think to get back to my hometown if i cant get the Jewelry Designer position in the company. I want to choose another option of my career destination for art and continue my furniture passion.

So.. to be honest for myself and company, i didn't continue the trial. But i am glad that the boss understand my descission and all the worker are very kind to me, since beginning until the end. On my last day in Bali, they've gave me great prepared farewell party. I really hope i can stop by to the office when i visit Bali again someday.

It was not any regret, all of the jobdesk was fun and i did learned how to rendering with watercolour , and here they are..

sea shell with silver trophy 1

sea shell with silver trophy 2

sea shell with silver trophy 3

sea shell with silver trophy 3

sea shell with silver trophy 4

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