Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jakflo Creative Art&Craft Workshop at Mall Ciputra Jakarta

What will you prepare at your home when Xmass came?
Around the date , there are a lot fun events for children.  As you see we are sharing handy craft workshop for decorates and greetings. 5 Days of art and crafts provided in Mall Ciputra, Jakarta. Day1 (17Dec2012) is Fondan Figurine, Day 2 (19Dec2012): Snowman Diorama, Day3(21Dec2012): Scrap Book , Day4(23Dec2012):Acordeon Card, Day5(24Dec2012): Xmass Tree. (Sorry if i dont post all the photos :P) .. Of course we invite you all to join our class in Jakflo :)

Day one Fondan Figurine

The Fondan Figurines of Xmass

Acordeon Cards , Santa Handy and Xmass Socks

Look soo many Kids there joined us! So happy because it happens in all 5 days.

Last Day: Xmass Tree.. and she is ready to have some fun!

Loook they all use it as a hat,, another function! hihi ;p

we are the teacher :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

my paper art

Just have some work to do!!
From my workplace (Jakflo) they need idea to sell some DIY project pack. I suggest the material should be from recycle thing. I choose recycle from cardboard and newspaper. So here they are :) 

Fun Flag ,, you can write name or slogan :)

Cat Mask from Paper Maché

Frame from Paper Maché
The idea for the pack,the fun flags, mask and frame will sell only with the plain custom style. So the buyer can decorate with anything they like. But we also prepares some decoration materials such as handycraft fabric and handycraft ornament. The plain flag,mask and frame are write-able and can be coloured too :)