Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lil Project of A: Mural on March 2015

Whoa, i have two projects came on March 2015. Actually there are three. But, one is still waiting for the contractor finish their job in Bandung. So if i counted all my mural project since 2006, it's already 13 project!! :)

 Still empty, this room is Dhea's Room. The mural project is ordered by her mum, Mrs. Santi Mintardja. At Serenia Hills, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan

 My hubby helping me out.. :)

After Dhea's room, now is Ali's Room .. He loves Elephant. So his mum, Mrs. Intan Radianto, ordered me a simple mural painting. Just an Elephant in with details of its skin. Pretty cool idea! :D
hehe, ask my husband to fill my sketch...

 aaaand.. i worked for the details ^^
here's the Videoooo:

Lil Project of A : Mural on March 2014 0.2 and Dec 2014

 This one is for Mr. Imam Sunarya, an architect senior. at Jl. Ciniru, Jakarta- Selatan.
He love to play Golf, this mural is outside his window at Library Room.
-Second Mural on March 2014-

Make Decoration , by my mural + handicraft and handlettering. Ordered by PT. Toimoi Indonesia,
At Lotte Avenue (Love Mall) , Kuningan, Jakarta -Selatan 
-Dec 2014-

Lil Project Of A: Feb, 14th 2014

My mural for my friend's order, Mrs. Soraya Samantha. An Owl on Brownie Tree :)

Lil Project Of A : Mural on March 2014 0.1

Another Minecraft for Mrs. Manda child, at her house in Pondok Indah.
Jl. Pinang Nikel , Jakarta- Selatan

Lil Project of A : Mural Reviews from January 2014

 Start mural project again, at D' Balcony Townhouse. Jl. Bangka IX, Jakarta Selatan. Ordered by Mrs. Canti Sari. For her kids room, Caca and Miko.

For Caca's Room , an Owl on Purple Tree.
Those stiff branches meant for book rack on top of Caca's bed.

Design For Miko because he loved MINECRAFT
On Progress

The Characters of Minecraft already on Miko's Wall

Lil Project of A by Afini Dwinastary 2015

Besides Kaia Gift, my own brand is Lil Project of A. It goes to a big or large ammount painting an handcraft for order by company, home or restaurant.
Most of Lil Project of A works are mural. But this time is different :

 My Painting on Wooden plate for PT. Toimoi Indonesia, Kemang, Jakarta
until now, they already order me for about 100 plates.

"Mom and Baby Photo Wall Frame"
for Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

Meanwhile again.., i started to be Private Drawing Teacher for Theodore and Duncan.
this one is Theo, i gave him my painting for his Birthday Party Sign Board

Interview With "Smart Living" on MNC TV

 Introducing my Kaia Gifts and the new project of Jakarta Theme

Meanwhile, i do a favour for my friend who loves play Guitar. And he is Guitar Hero!!
My Handmade Batik leather cut on his guitar strap.

Teaching an Art Class

Kindly visit @Mixarclass on instagram to know the further info.. I started to be the Tuesday Mixart Teacher . The Tuesday class open on Dec2014-Jan2015 , March-April 2015. 

My painting on Kaia Books Cover 2015

 Order from Rizkhi for his Wife's Bday gift

Farewell Gifts for my husband's coussins

Happy Momments

       Here's i share you a little story about my marriage with my beloved husband. Our marriage was a Magical!! It was just happened soo fast. He is my highschool friend. That we've never imagined to be a couple hehee.. But i realized he is more than just a person who show in my live. A true bestfriend, a brother and my love!! :) 

 Starting a date in Feb 1st, 2014

 Engagement in April 26th, 2014

 Married on June 15th, 2015

Life after married ceremony :)