Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Birthday Goody Bag

   My sister, loves to browsing on internet, then she wants to have somekind of DIY souvenir for her daughter's birthday. When she asked me where she can have them.. i said,, Me,me,me!! My pleasure to do them all. I just asked what image of her daughter loves so much. She said Princess. And named what kind of souvenir she wants to have.. of course the goods are my choice.

 So she got it! the theme are Princess in Pallace. I did all; from logo graphic design (for sticker,tags,embroidery,& signature canvas poster) , graphic design for invitation, graphic design for notebook, choose&buying souvenirs, choose&buying fabric for the goodybags, going to printing and tailor. Fun! because i loves design alot!! if you want to ask me for do this project please send me an email to, with negotiable price - with love,  Afini Dwinastary -

 souvenir for girls

 souvenir for boys

 backside of the goodybag

 goodybag for boys

 goodybag for girls


 the toy


(above for girls-bellow for boys)

Cupcake Toppers

invitation (front&back)