Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Mural at Teras Putih Restaurant, Jakarta

My next mural project in the beginning of year 2013.  Take place at Teras Putih restaurant , at The Broadway Jl. Benda 46 F, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Teras Putih in English means White Terrace. They have modern country style concept. They use white for furnitures and really soft blue for the wall. And their line colour's use turquoise to marine blue. But because Mrs. Sara Rais Destariansyah, one of the owner also one of the Jakflo Creative Centre owner, she loves to add colourfull creative ornaments, but not to much. Like the stuffs on the cupboard, flower, signsystems, reservation sign, and stickers in the toilet.   

First meeting with her, we decide the spot where the mural will painted.

the star marks are where the mural will be

My first design for the right and left wall. I used adobe illustrator , i wanted to visualized the white terrace for the people who see this. Especially the fence is the symbolized for that :

right wall

left wall

After second meeting :

 Mrs. Sara told me to use colours, but only for the trees and flowers.
The Fence also changed image to ordinary country style fence.
This one is final design.

first day only the fence

Second day..
I use printed sheet mould. It was for the actual drawing and position to be same with the design. I have to be hurry, to peel off the printed sheet , because there are many customer came, i was affraid it was disturbing the view inside the restaurant while they were enjoyed the meals :

Third day..
Before i went to the place, i prepared the large printed sheet for another tree's mould at my house:

the next-next day :) ..

And then, the day when i got O Channel's shooting in the morning. At the afternoon, around 4pm Teras Putih also used as the setting by Raditya Dika for shooting his serial TV show called "Malam Minggu Miko" at Kompas TV. I can not continue the mural for that day. hehe it was great,, i was glad to have a break anyway :D

Raditya Dika directed the actors
Unfortunately the flowers only the painted flowers on bellow,
hope it still looks good :)

me and Mrs. Sara Rais Destariansyah
one of the owner who direct me for what they want 
on this Teras Putih mural

right wall mural done

the mural above the kitchen door
as Mrs. Sara request, i put her pink plastic butterfly,
looks lovely

The left wall only fence and higher grass with many butterflies. Pink plastic butterflies mixed with yellow and orange painted butterflies :

left wall done

Last one,,
i painted the Teras Putih window, add Mrs. Sara's cactus sticker from ikea:

enjoy the window :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Mom's Birthday

Sometimes the suddenly project makes my adrenalin rush high!! ahahahaaha
This one also not by sketch or design.. just get along with my creativity to make my mom happy in her birthday , January 24th 2013. 
My sister in Tembagapura yesterday called me , we discussed about mom's birthday surprise.
She asked me to order some fruit bouquet. She told me not to hurry if i were busy.

I tell her, hmm why not you order from me? it is free because its my present for mom ,too! :)

I thought i would make the bouquet after the birthday if i really busy.. but last night (9pm ,23/01/2013) after i finished my mural in Teras Putih. I got an idea. Because everytime on my way home, i always passed fruit store : Total Buah Segar , at Jl. Ampera Raya, Jakarta Selatan.

Why we choose fruit? 
it is a symbolize for mom's healthy, of course!

Why we also give money? hihi..
it is a symbolize for mom's wealthy !! 

Most of all... that don't compares to our gigantic love and careness for Mom :D

the fruit bouquet
by Afini Dwinastary 

here are some step by step fruit bouquet from me..

the basket and fruits

my bouquet arrangement
i stole some flowers from vase in my house
well, we dont need to trash them after the surprise . just reput again to the vase, ahahahahaa :D

my ordinary gift tag
our photo when we were a little girl

put the money to envelope ;p

i use chopstick ;p

my mom look so happy
our mission completed,sis!! :)
If you want me to share my gift dressing/ gift card/ some art and craft ideas ,, let's meet in Jakflo Creative Centre , at The Broadway Jl. Benda 46F , Building D , Kemang -Jakarta Selatan. my pleasure to meet ya ,, thank you. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jakflo Creative Centre on O Channel

During my bussiness for the mural nowadays,, yes i've been doing some mural project again for restaurant, called Teras Putih. Took place at Jl. Benda 46F, Kemang - Jakarta Selatan. Anyway,
i wouldn't tell you about the mural now. (but later,,will be! after its finish ofcourse :) ).

Last Wednesday , on January 16th 2013 , when i painted the wall in Teras Putih.. Suddenly i shocked by one of the owner of Jakflo. She asked me to introduce Jakflo Creative Centre in some TV talkshow program in O Channel.  There are many art and handy craft classes in Jakflo. But, me as an art & craft freelance teacher (majoring jumping clay and gift wrapping class) in Jakflo Creative Centre , have to choose what kind of gift dressing that will be teach to the audiences. Also some photography tips. I have to quickly think about the idea. The talkshow is the next day of that day!! yes!! Taping on Thursday, January 17th 2013. The theme is Valentines Day, because it will be on TV in second week of February :P

I did sleeping late for seeking the idea , hihi but its okay, it was FUN! :D
i want to make love packaging. Some says it looks like lantern.. hhm might be,, lantern to shines our love , ahahaa..

step by step !
I have to prepare 6set of them, the set (kit) to teach the audience

After it dressed :)
Actually the wrapping soo childish ,, hehe but relax it's just for sample

"ice cream for love"
Gift Tag

we can put it into the ribbon of the "Love Lentern" gift dressing
that we made before
Anything you wanted to write on even a kiss! ;)

the set
from left, bottom, and right : me and Ophie (the Jakflo crew), Mrs. Intan (the host), Camera 

some scene 
on O Channel on Sunday, February 17th 2013 at 7pm 
"CINTA" Cerita Wanita - talkshow

The real duration on the show is about 30mins, but here i edit some clips of them :)

How to Make Love Lantern Box part 1

Giving the tips for Wrapping Scent
as the audience ask me how
(sorry there is a sound when my name's appear, it's Mom ahaha)

How to make Love Lantern part 2

Me and Jakflo Creative Centre would say big thanks to Mrs. Intan the beautiful host and all O channel crew. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday in Cilember

Family is my home.. ^_^
Do what ever i wanted to do.. laughing, eating, sleeping, dancing, drawing, singing, swimming, playing, fishing, shaaaaaarrrrriiiiiiiingggggg!! :D
these are a view photo.. as we were spent our last 2012 in my aunty's Villa in Cilember village, Cisarua, Bogor-west Java. 12 people(my family) plus 12 others (the maid's family).. about 24people celebrates the fireworks in new year's eve. 

from L-R, Above-bellow : dancing, fishing, dancing again ;p and trades present in new years eve
the boys went fishing always hehe and we ate the fish!! nyummy

Playing my Style

Happy new year 2013!!
Soo happy after gathered with my family in my aunty's Villa. In Cilember village, Cisarua , Bogor -west Java. What is your resolution?
I have a view of them .. but it's a secret ofcourse hehe. Then i just tweeted:

As i already in home now, Jakarta. I've found some good reads in Al-Quran that support my way of being hijaber. Just read that two days ago.. here it is..

you can find also at this link

Say to the believing women that "should lower their gaze and guard their modesty, and not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear. And let them cover with a cloth veil to the bosoms and not display their beauty (her body), except to their husbands, or their father, or fathers of their husbands, or their sons, husbands or sons they, or their brothers, their men, or sons of their brothers, or the sons of their sisters, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or the servers that male do not have the desire (for women) or children who do not understand about women's private parts. And let them not strike their feet to know that their hidden ornament. And turn unto Allah together, o believers, that you may prosper.

Yes Allah SWT soo great in giving anything in this life. I am soo grateful. I wanted try to be a good muslimah from now on. Even in my past there are uncountable sins..  Actually my first time i wear hijab was already in Idul Fitri 2012 , last August 2012. Soo,, check these up :)

I really love the long skirt, maybe the sleeves have to be 1size larger :)

inspirational Thai-Elephant

the tight also better if one size larger , hehe. Or use a long dress on top :)

hehe punk-ies ;p

i am the beginner ^-^