Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo Collage 0.4

my drawing "Sag"

fight! my drawing with my nephew's lego figurine

i love the vanilla icing hand wash!! smells nyummy!!

oh Boy, oh Girl... :)

Humming Bird

This one is for my uncle. His birthday is on 7th April 2013. We all went to his villa in Cilember , Cisarua-Bogor,West Java. We celebrated with praying and family gathering. Of course i had so much fun, cause there were an acoustic band!! All of us had turn to go singing and dancing.



Easter Egg Painting

During on Easter weekend holiday March 29th, 2013, i have a job form my workplace to make and teach of how to decorates an easter egg. The event was in Pakubowono Recidence, at Basswood Ballroom, for children ages 3years old to 12years old. They live there and enjoy their holiday by decorating Easter eggs. Most of them are from Korea. Other from USA, India and Indonesia.

Before the day i have to prepare the materials. And arrange them into one package of "do it yourself kit". Here's the photo..

we used the plastic egg, so it won't cracks when it fall

after i painted with acrylic paint.actually can flake off ,but its okay

the easter bunny, i use felt fabric too

arrange them into a basket :)

on of my preparation, the mouth part and ears for the bunny 

the package filled with 5 eggs and material decorations

the kids before they get to their desk

there is Mr. David, the supervisor of this event ,from Pakubuwono Residence

they did really good :)

the boys like to decorates faster 

got the Painting Certificate from Jakflo and Yummy Pudding after they are finished :)

Dancing and Painting for Bank Mandiri Culture Summit 2013

Long time i haven't update my story here. I wanna share about my fun experiences in some event. It was held at Hotel Mulya Jakarta , Ballroom G floor on 22nd of March 2013. The event called Bank Mandiri Culture Summit 2013. The audiences were Mandiri employee from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia branches.

First agenda of my one day work at the event was after a lunch break, I teach them some dance. Only for  intermezo. So they wouldn't bored or sleepy to continue the next event program.

Then ,next agenda event program at 4.30 pm, i give some tips for painting technique. For their event team work games. They should make some illustration of a painting that describes the prosperity of the community planning. It should have some concept like leadership; wealthy, healthy, and happy ; then their 4K programmes.

I encourage them by demonstrating some artwork in painting. My painting was about the sun shining on a land , the sunshine makes fertile soil. Produce stronger and quality plants. Also makes a beautiful sky and landscape. The sun symbolizes the wisdom of a leader who makes people around him works better.

me demonstrating the painting

me with the mandiri employee,which are the host of the event 

my 30 minutes painting. after that, they ask me to have this painting for their Office Decoration :)

And these are some of the video, me doing the dancing ;p: