Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Egg Painting

During on Easter weekend holiday March 29th, 2013, i have a job form my workplace to make and teach of how to decorates an easter egg. The event was in Pakubowono Recidence, at Basswood Ballroom, for children ages 3years old to 12years old. They live there and enjoy their holiday by decorating Easter eggs. Most of them are from Korea. Other from USA, India and Indonesia.

Before the day i have to prepare the materials. And arrange them into one package of "do it yourself kit". Here's the photo..

we used the plastic egg, so it won't cracks when it fall

after i painted with acrylic paint.actually can flake off ,but its okay

the easter bunny, i use felt fabric too

arrange them into a basket :)

on of my preparation, the mouth part and ears for the bunny 

the package filled with 5 eggs and material decorations

the kids before they get to their desk

there is Mr. David, the supervisor of this event ,from Pakubuwono Residence

they did really good :)

the boys like to decorates faster 

got the Painting Certificate from Jakflo and Yummy Pudding after they are finished :)

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