Friday, March 8, 2013

DIY Fondant Figurine

     On Feb 27th 2013 Azahra Fatheen Khaliza , my niece was having a birthday. My sister, (her mother) asked me to make some decoration for the Rainbow Birthday cake. Zahra loves elmo. So here what i did..

      Mixing the White Fondant with red food colouring liquid. For Elmo. Dont forget yellow for the nose and Black for the Eyes and mouth. Since black is rare, so i used brown. Becareful, the fondant will sticky when it is wet. To avoid the stickiness,, I used Corn Starch (Maizena Flour) , also for soften and easy to mold. This tips i got from one of Jakflo Creative Center - Cakes Teacher, Miss Andini. hehe,, you shold check the class sometimes. Really fun!

Messy Hand

Elmo and Zahra

hihi from left to right,, it is my practice of Elmo Fondant Figurine ;p
Looks like Elmo's loosing weight ahaha

my decoration

the Cake is from Jesslyn Cakes bakery

Azahra and Mom , my sister :)

Happy Family ^^
Again Happy Birthday Azahra