Saturday, August 14, 2010

Festival Topeng Nusantara

Festival Topeng Nusantara is the exhibition of "Panji" mask. The "Panji" mask is from Cirebon, Indonesia. This exhibition have the aim for every people in Indonesia or International visitor to knowing about the soul and the history of this mask.

Also the creatives people and artists of Jakarta,Bandung, and Surabaya city participates as the mediator for attract many visitor to attend the event that held in Alun Alun Indonesia store, at 3rd floor West Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Mall. They customized the mask with their images of proffesion. So "Panji" mask not plain anymore but, colourfull, stylish, or event religious.
(click of all the blue font)
Me, as the visual mechandiser of Alun alun Indonesia, helped the preparation of these events. And i found my oppurtunity to participate as the artist to customized these mask. and here some of the photos. ;)

The "Panji" Mask, from Cirebon ,
West Java, Indonesia

I made the show case by myself. It is from acrylic wrapped with blue Chiffon fabric.The tree pillow is my masterpiece design when i worked at "toimoi ar+ design gallery " before. I used bottle as the trunk of the tree, i sew the corduroy fabric for wrapped it.
I have 5 hours to finished my art work. i got not enough sleep but i feel happy to be the exhibitor of the event.

the "Sheep" , "Babirusa", and "Owl" are my handcraft made. The wools is from giveaway present. (*click the "giveaway" if u want to see)
,, hehe, i won the prize. i promised to Tarlen that i want to makes some clothes with wool detail, but i haven't already yet. So i think this is the time to applied the wools to my art work. Thank you Tarlen ,, ;)

And,, i just got the mask in the Exhibition day. I got panic and hurried. Only 1 hour to before the Oppening time.

use glue, felts fabric, fake eylashes and markers

This is me ;p
my usual forehead, and i love purple(eye lashes and hair piece). My eyes are one closed and one peeking. But, there is tiny eyes on my forehead.. It means that, even i am sleeping or close my eyes. i still see my dream, see my future and see you.

the Tittle : "Mengintip" (peeking)
the concept, *i will read it in Bahasa Indonesia :
"Saya merindukan hutan, pepohonan dan rumput. Di sekitar saya hanya ada gedung-gedung bertingkat dan kendaraan motor yang membuat polusi. Saya bosan dengan rutinitas kota, dan ingin kesana (hutan)"

Me and my art work,
(*actually it is craft work , hehee)

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