Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mural Project Aug '10

Me and my mural project.
It was on 31st July and 1st August 2010, that i had have done my mural project.
Actually these is my friend's design but she's a little worried to applied her ilustration to wall. Because of she never doing it before.
She asked me to help her to paint the wall. Well, i hope i am, known as the mural artist in my friends sorroundings ;p . I am glad she contacts me. Because i love to do the mural painting.
Fortunately, the owner of these house are happy to see my works. And i just noticed that she (the owner of the house) is the doughter of Adri Subono- Java Music Indo's Man.
* Java Music Indo is the one of popular artists management and also promo tour of lots international band that usualy made a live concert in Jakarta.


and the branches growth

Second Step

First Step
this is the printing form, we have to papper cut it. so the painting can be same like the design.

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