Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Illustration for Adjeng

May 12th, 2013
My instagram friend, named Adjeng. She order my drawing for her boyfriend's graduation. They got long distance relationship, because his boyfriend have to finished his study in USA. Just one day before she asked me, while i got so much thing to do. Then i want to help her too , so i took 2hours free time to sent my drawing to them.

The real photo, and my drawing.
I add USA flag and Graduation costume.

the process:

first layouting

made some gradation

and put laces as my signature of drawing

edit the tone , ready to sent :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Necklace Order

May 9th . 2013
I got call from my sister. She's in Papua , Irian Jaya. My sister and her husband work for Freeport McMoran Indonesia. She told me that will be some farewell party of their friend in the office. Then the event orginizer ,ordered me souvenir. They are 25 necklace and 25 bracelet. 
I made one sample as first image.
the sample
usually  it's for on of my KAIA brand design

The logo will be next to the flower

my preparation
there are two type of the pendant.
one already flower shape that i bought in market and other will be my own sewing.
both of them are also can be used as brooch

the flower shape that i bought in market

i attached the thin leather strap to the chain
and put the brooch on the right side of the necklace.
for the bracelet i put the flower on center.

This one is my own handmade bow, for the other type of pendant brooch.

i add laces,
Red lace for Orange and Red bow brooch pendant

Turquoise lace for the green, purple, and blue bow brooch pendant

While i was sewing the bow, Agni -my niece, watching me.
so i made her a bow ring :)

i also have to add the logo of my client.
I design it for them, too. And give them two version materials. From wood and acrylic sheet.

the bracelet before i put the bow brooch pendant

The necklace :)

the logo from acrylic sheet material

i counted them and they are ready for shipping to
Freeport McMoran Indonesia office
Tembagapura, Irian Jaya

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Helping My Nephew's School Task

Just met him on May 5th, 2013.
He is my nephew, Ezra.
"Tante Fini,, please help me for tomorrow school task!" 
"it's from technology lesson.. we have to make scrap book that related of camera capturing ghost or anything spooky...help me TF!!"
Again i said yes! i really happy to help and make some handicraft for a scrap book.
Me, my mom, my auntie (who is my mom's older sister,his grandma) went to Gramedia the book store at Pondok Indah Mall. My auntie bought all of the materials for him.

He asked me to make the cover, really spooky. I think of black monster. At first i wanted to put an eye on it. But he prefer some scary mouth. Here i show you :  

i made it from felt fabric, and the mouth is my drawing on cardboard

i made the cover and binding all the pages. he browsed the photo for filling the pages

the eye of my handmade, that i wanted to used at first plan,
but then we changed our mind. and the drawing is my drawing for one the page.

My painting for Kids Room

I've been busy lately..
there are many orders i got ,this two weeks. 
This one is ordered by May 4th , 2013.
My friend, Damar Restio called me. He sent me some reference of some drawing that he liked. And then ask me can i make some painting closest to that image. I said ofcourse!! my very pleasure. 
I design it within 3 canvas. Meant continuing day. From daylight to evening. And the animals are by his request. Giraffe, Elephant , and Lion. I used acrylic paint on canvas. Each 50x70cm. I spend 1weeks to finish this painting.
here are my documentation , step by step.. :



adding their eyes and start decorates with pattern

patterns :)

voilaaa,, ready to send ^^

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bento Class at Casablanca Apartment

May 3rd, 2013..
My work place asked me to be the assistant of Bento Class. At Casablanca Apartment, Kuningan , Jakarta. The main teacher is Mrs. Puan Dinar (click her name to see her bentos work). There are about 18 people took this class today.
I was happy , because i got the chance to made bento , too. Hehe actually just for documentation. I only made it for 5minutes. Guess, it would took a lot time to make a really good bento. :)

Here the photos .. : 

have fun shaping the rice and all ingredients, kids are allowed too :)

some of their work and mine

mine :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fimo Staedtler Polymer Clay

Today May 2th , 2013
me and Mrs. Dhani ,as the trainers from Jakflo Creative Center ,had an opportunity to learn and getting know about Fimo Staedtler Polymer Clay. That can be heated in the oven before we use it as Beads Jewelry, Figurine, or any handicrafts work. The technique are soo many. Ofcourse can be add from our creativity. But today we use modelling technique for the figurine. Then, for the Beads Jewelry we use millifiori and mokume gene. The final pattern can be like kaleidoscope , geometrical and marble.  Visit also http://www.staedtler.com/en/inspirations/for-creative-hobby-users/

My Figurine :

My Sponge Bob,, hihi i really enjoy made the parts of him, I LOVE Figurine!!

My Handmade Sponge Bob ready to Bake! :P

Fresh from the Oven!
Sponge Bob by me , Patrick by Mrs. Dhani

Make a thin layer of two colours

Roll it together

And roll it again with one colour as the cover

if we cut will be like sushi roll, like this :)

stacking them together

i made some colour variations

Made some circle shape from clay waste as the inside filling.
 Cover it with thin slices from the roll as the pattern.
We also can make tear drop shape or any shape we like. Don't forget to make a hole and bake it in the oven.

Will Teaching Handicraft for Holiday Art Marathon 2013

sooo happy!!!

Early week in April me and Jakflo Creative Center had meeting together. We discuss about Holiday Art Marathon event for kids. It will be held in June. There are eight days. Me and Mrs. Dhani,the other trainer have 4 days each to teach. We will visiting many places, museum and make some handicraft that represent the holiday theme.

I will teach on June 18,19,25&26th , 2013.
Here are the example that i've made for the kids to make their own handicraft :

Leaves Pattern Stamp On a Canvas Bag
We'll go to Cassa Grande Villa, Play game of seeking the Leaves, Colour it with Acrylic Paint and
Stamp it to Canvas Bag 

I'll teach my Photo Collage at Eco Park Sentul for the Kids :)

Because we will go to the Horse Ranch, we will make Horse Figurine from Recycle Thing 

Saving Box from Milk Carton will be on my last class  

This one is the flyer :) come and join us, the kids will be have so much fun!!