Sunday, May 26, 2013

Necklace Order

May 9th . 2013
I got call from my sister. She's in Papua , Irian Jaya. My sister and her husband work for Freeport McMoran Indonesia. She told me that will be some farewell party of their friend in the office. Then the event orginizer ,ordered me souvenir. They are 25 necklace and 25 bracelet. 
I made one sample as first image.
the sample
usually  it's for on of my KAIA brand design

The logo will be next to the flower

my preparation
there are two type of the pendant.
one already flower shape that i bought in market and other will be my own sewing.
both of them are also can be used as brooch

the flower shape that i bought in market

i attached the thin leather strap to the chain
and put the brooch on the right side of the necklace.
for the bracelet i put the flower on center.

This one is my own handmade bow, for the other type of pendant brooch.

i add laces,
Red lace for Orange and Red bow brooch pendant

Turquoise lace for the green, purple, and blue bow brooch pendant

While i was sewing the bow, Agni -my niece, watching me.
so i made her a bow ring :)

i also have to add the logo of my client.
I design it for them, too. And give them two version materials. From wood and acrylic sheet.

the bracelet before i put the bow brooch pendant

The necklace :)

the logo from acrylic sheet material

i counted them and they are ready for shipping to
Freeport McMoran Indonesia office
Tembagapura, Irian Jaya

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