Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fimo Staedtler Polymer Clay

Today May 2th , 2013
me and Mrs. Dhani ,as the trainers from Jakflo Creative Center ,had an opportunity to learn and getting know about Fimo Staedtler Polymer Clay. That can be heated in the oven before we use it as Beads Jewelry, Figurine, or any handicrafts work. The technique are soo many. Ofcourse can be add from our creativity. But today we use modelling technique for the figurine. Then, for the Beads Jewelry we use millifiori and mokume gene. The final pattern can be like kaleidoscope , geometrical and marble.  Visit also

My Figurine :

My Sponge Bob,, hihi i really enjoy made the parts of him, I LOVE Figurine!!

My Handmade Sponge Bob ready to Bake! :P

Fresh from the Oven!
Sponge Bob by me , Patrick by Mrs. Dhani

Make a thin layer of two colours

Roll it together

And roll it again with one colour as the cover

if we cut will be like sushi roll, like this :)

stacking them together

i made some colour variations

Made some circle shape from clay waste as the inside filling.
 Cover it with thin slices from the roll as the pattern.
We also can make tear drop shape or any shape we like. Don't forget to make a hole and bake it in the oven.

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