Thursday, May 23, 2013

Helping My Nephew's School Task

Just met him on May 5th, 2013.
He is my nephew, Ezra.
"Tante Fini,, please help me for tomorrow school task!" 
"it's from technology lesson.. we have to make scrap book that related of camera capturing ghost or anything me TF!!"
Again i said yes! i really happy to help and make some handicraft for a scrap book.
Me, my mom, my auntie (who is my mom's older sister,his grandma) went to Gramedia the book store at Pondok Indah Mall. My auntie bought all of the materials for him.

He asked me to make the cover, really spooky. I think of black monster. At first i wanted to put an eye on it. But he prefer some scary mouth. Here i show you :  

i made it from felt fabric, and the mouth is my drawing on cardboard

i made the cover and binding all the pages. he browsed the photo for filling the pages

the eye of my handmade, that i wanted to used at first plan,
but then we changed our mind. and the drawing is my drawing for one the page.

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