Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lady Bug Frames

Tuesday June 11th, 2013
Here's my ideas, the frames without nail. 
I used ribbon as the lock of it :)

materials and tools

cut the invraboard into a circle

make a hole on centre for the photo space.
and holes around the edge, for ribbons lock.

glue the plastic around the invra board, for glass of the frame 
intertwine the ribbons 

bow tied after 

put dots as a pattern of a lady bug frame :)

Fimo Staedtler Class 2.0

Monday 10th June 2013,
Learn Fimo technique again. We made a coaster with gradation based patterns.

combine two colors
i suggested contrast colour so the gradation really appeared

the gradation

cut and rool it

i made a flower shape and arrange them into a form patterns

after baked from the oven :)
the purple one is my friend's coaster 

this one is creation from Fimo Staedtler trainer

Friday, June 7, 2013

Made DIY Recycle Pack For Jakflo : Owl Savings Bottle

Monday , June 3rd 2013
The day when Teras Putih and Jakflo Creative Center had shooting from TransTV , the local TV channel in Indonesia. Name of the program is "WOWW" (Wendy and Omesh Walking Walking) . That program is like television magazine program, but really funny, sure the host are hillarious.  
For the shoot ,actually they asked me to do scrap book. Suddenly i have an idea to make Do It Your Self pack with recycled bottle.  There will be 10 kids joined my class. 
Before we start i asked them.. which one they would made? Scrap Book or Owl Savings Bottle. 
"OWL SAVING BOTTLE!!!" hihihihi..

Materials and Tools

Cut the Felt Fabric like a Savings Box,
this one should be paste on the bottom of the recycle bottle. That already have a hole.
The position will turn up side down. 

back side view
Front side view

Step by Step
how to make it, i will print this for the pack,
that will be sold at the Jakflo Store.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mural at Kinderstation English Speaking Preschool

May 24th 2013, my mural in Kinderstation English Speaking Preschool in Jakarta Timur have finished. Because i have another works to do, so it took 1month worked. I painted this mural with the special order by their pupils. They want Princess and Train like Thomas the Train. I add the ladybugs as the school's icon.

Besides mural, the principals of the school ordered me some Design Graphic for the School big board and banners. 
the big board

after it printed

the banner
banner located at the front gate

Here are my documentation of the mural process :

the drawing for the plan mural
(with adobe ilustrator)

first process,
hehe i made a straight train track without any helper :P

this one is like in second week

i reposition the princess higher than the drawing plan

still have a white part there, i need to cover it with blue sky colour 

lady bug
the Kinderstation's Icon

Finished :)

Two days before it finished, i had a called from "new Friends" at ANTV the local television program in Indonesia. They would like to interviewed me as on of the mural artist in Jakarta who loved to do mural project with Kids Images. And yes it was my very pleasure. Because i had much mural project from 2006. Related with kids. I usually paints in School, Kindergarten, Kid's Room, and Restaurant.

hehe just capturing my self
from my tube tv :)

During the time i did the mural in school, i also had a time to teach the kids for their presentation day. There will be performance, about vehicles. Then, i made their costume from a cupboards. It is recycled DIY vehicles ^^ here they are...

from back to front : train,car,bus,airplane and boat

one of the pupils , Jennifer practise with her car costume :)

continue the murals inside class for camouflage the dirt
my mural from entrance hall
colourfull :)