Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wooden Star Wars Lego : Luke Skywalker

January 14th , 2016 was my private art lesson student's birthday. He really update for movie and toys. He loves Lego very much. As a little boy, Theodore Tjugiarto is smart, fun and loving person. His progress of drawing also have fast improvements. Last year i drew Dibo Dinosaur on canvas for his "guest signature board".
And for this year, his mom asked me to make a cake topper based on Lego Luke Skywalker, the one of his favorite movie.. (see he is up to date ^^ )

First we choosed fondant , but this figurine cake topper will be big. About 20cm tall and 15cm wide.
On three days before the birthday party, i changed it to wood material. 

Build the shape from wood blocks, use wooden saw to cut and sander to make it smooth.
Then i use acrylic paint for colouring


on the right side picture is Lego Luke Skywalker,
that his mom sent me

yeay! it standing nicely on the cake

Theo's Birthday Setting

Starwars Cookie,, this one is
my friend's made
@pastrified_cookie_craft (you can also search this username on instagram)
Darth Vader PiƱata
hehe this one looks cute ^^

happy with the result