Friday, January 20, 2012

My Homemade Cupcakes

Being at home, are fun! ahaha
my mom also happy because i can help her anytime in here. But i have to do something. Like baking a cake was a good idea for me. I borrowed her oven and ready to bake!!

Choco-cheese cupcake,i add oatmeal too in it ingredients. This one i used stove to steam. No oven at all. Glad that it pops up nicely!

Banana cupcake. Also with oatmeal! Healthier cake as i can ;p


Alhamdulillah.... Thank God my hands are quiet good at make friends with clay or any material that can be molded manualy. As you can see also in my exhibition post, i did ears ceramic hand modeling.

Another neat material such as playdoh and jumping clay are my next hobby at home. To fulfilled my instagram account, i could do the unimportant thing to be important (for myself). :D

Decorates then Photo!
Strawberry jumping clay with my strawberry tofu toy

Cherry hair-clip and pin. A gift for my friend.

Play doh coffee cup and my biscuit toy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

About my recent Work

I am enjoying my freelance job that i've been doing for like 1months at Jakflo (you can click the name to see the info about). Where i can teach and share crafts and arts to everyone. I had some project too from there, for example my giant globe for Bank Mandiri, that was in my post before this.

And these are photos about some classes, i did them happily!!

Cake Decoration Class.
This one actually my friend's class. But i've made them after the class done. Because we have one cake lefts! Our chances to eat them with anydecorates as we wish.

Cake Decoration Class Workshop Demo.
Last December 2011, We had the demonstration for the Chirstmas event in Mall Ciputra ,Jakarta. There were open space at lower ground floor. For the customer who shop Rp.100.000,- can show the receipt and take the workshop directly. To learn how to decorates ginger cookies with icing sugar.

i teach my nephew, at home. These one is his. So cute!

Jumping Clay Class

i taught Asia (5years old) .
Two session. In first session, i teach her how to mold the jumping clay with hand. About basic shape until making an object, we did ballet shoes and cupcakes. Then teach how to mixed the color until make them into a shape. We did an apple and flower. I dont want to waste them to be a toy. That's why i put them on a pin and hair clip.

these one is Asia's creation by her self :P ,without help

in a second session, we make a jumping clay frame!

Asia with her frame

Me and Asia, such a lovely and cute girl ;D