Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Medium Window Display for Xmas 2010

I painted Red and gave the silver touch as an idea for 2010 Christmas in Alun Alun Indonesia. We (visual merchandiser team ) briefed to made the Indonesian Ethnic Christmas theme.

The Star shapes were inspired by pattern of Songket, the traditional textile craft work.

The stars are made from MDF wood and for the other silver atributes made from styrofoam. I cut by myself to made that beautiful shape ;p

i won't forget the Christmas also identic with candles and balls of any material for the pine tree

beautiful deers from wire

Ethnic bird's cage and songket woven as Indonesian touch

And the Indonesian Out fit

Here's some idea for xmas tree, it made of plastic straw to be the cylindrical stackes
(one of my team made that tree)

another idea for xmas tree, it made of wood, inspired from"Gunungan Wayang" shape.
(one of my team made that tree)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bizzare of Triangle

Room by Room
an Exhibition where the creativity of interior and product designer
gathering together!!
there are me and my friends who have a great time to show our design.
the event and exhibition were held on 11th until 31st October 2010 ,
And also have a Happening Gathering on 22th October 2010. All designer attends to see you.

I have interviewed by Bina Nusantara online TV,
to introduce my Bizzare of Triangle design concept

The designers
in 15 Chamber of Ideas

Me.. with my costume , same like my Bizzare of Triangle , served Triangle Cake for the invitations and visitors

enjoy our exhibition!!

Bizzare of Triangle

here's the guide for operational use of my Bizzare of Triangle set.
click on this drawing, to zoom in

My Bizzare of Triangle Set ;)

The Bizzare of Triangle Book Shelf and the stool

Carpet together with (still on progres) cushions and coffee table

Bizzare of Triangle

Bizzare of Triangle Carpet

Bizzare of Triangle Lamp
made from stained glass and wood for the little drawer

the little drawer of triangle shape

Lamp's On
use to be on a desk, so when you come home, you can storage your jewelry after hang out or else

Coffee Table
made from Wood, and finishing duco colour.
you can storage anything inside the shelfs of these coffee table, includes for its cushion

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First "Munny"

As i walked at my work place, Grand Indonesia view weeks ago.
I visited the stores of Level One Project, East Mall .
I saw Plastic Culture, some store that attracted my eyes to see plastic and vinyl toys.
(I always adores toys) I am soo excited when they said they will hold an Event Competition called
It also have the schedules of these events, if you click the blue line.For costumized the
"Munny World" toys they are : Trikky, Bub, Rooz, Raffy .
I bought Trikky.

Sure, i immediately filled the form of the competition. So, I became one of the contestant.
This competition is divided into several categories. I choosed the costumized accesories categories. They will announced the winners on Sunday, September , 26th, 2010.
And i will attend , i hope i can win the prize ;p But, if I won't, At least i can have my handcrafts exhibitions again.

my Trikky
her name is "Inifa" taken by my reverse name.
She is strong sharp and beauty. She was a good girl but since she have some ambitions to get what she wants, She became bad for survive.
Actually she is a cat, but she wants to go arround the world. So she try swim as mermaid, that can accross the universe widely.
Her hands use boxing gloves. And holds sharp weapons. To fight.
Her head got nails cause she has a rebel mind. But still beauty with her blinks hair piece.



-Markers painted Details-

My First "Munny"

I bought "Trikky". The one that shape like Cat.
As u can see she still plain and white.
Just wait and see, how can i apply all my accessories that i have.

Process 1 :
Body painting

Process 2 :
Head and Face painting and applied her eyes

Process 3 :
Accessories combined

I also made the base for her stands.
I recycle plastic bowl, cover it with green sponge and sprinks it with sands.
The squid is my ready toys. But the starfish and seashell are from polymer_clay, i made it by my self and i will paint it red and pinks.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cute Stuffs

Mini Fan use two of AAA bateries
@ Daisho One Price Shop, FoodHall-Grand Indonesia


For Souce in Your Lunch Box
and, you can pick your food with "vehicles" and "animal" pin

Cute Stuffs

Cute Graphic Printed on Alumunium Foil
Daisho one Price Shop @ FoodHall

Mega Mendung Motives on Rice Cooker
only a painting, but it is cute to have the idea, some creative applications to show one of our "Batik" from Cirebon, West Java Indonesia

Mega Mendung Jar

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ramadhan Theme in Window Display and Gallery

-In front of the Gallery-
In this year, we have agreed that we will use blue and white for the colour and the images.
There are bazaar too in our Gallery, but i didn't took the picture of it. Cause, there are many. hehe ;p and i only want to share my design in decorating the Alun Alun Indonesia store.

i have my jobdesk in small Window Display, we called Second Window Display , "Beringin".
i love the spot. Because of the dimension not too big, so i can finished my decorates quickly then others.