Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First "Munny"

I bought "Trikky". The one that shape like Cat.
As u can see she still plain and white.
Just wait and see, how can i apply all my accessories that i have.

Process 1 :
Body painting

Process 2 :
Head and Face painting and applied her eyes

Process 3 :
Accessories combined

I also made the base for her stands.
I recycle plastic bowl, cover it with green sponge and sprinks it with sands.
The squid is my ready toys. But the starfish and seashell are from polymer_clay, i made it by my self and i will paint it red and pinks.


  1. Two Thumbs... eh four thumbs up deh fin.....
    lanjut gannnn.....

  2. Thank you ya , Damaar ^^
    tungguin karikaturnya yaaa.. oya nanti pas pameran gue aja ya gue kasih? ga papa kan,sekalian lo juga dateng hehehe ;p di Alun Alun Indonesia , Mar.
    Tgl. 11- 31 Oktober 2010