Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Medium Window Display for Xmas 2010

I painted Red and gave the silver touch as an idea for 2010 Christmas in Alun Alun Indonesia. We (visual merchandiser team ) briefed to made the Indonesian Ethnic Christmas theme.

The Star shapes were inspired by pattern of Songket, the traditional textile craft work.

The stars are made from MDF wood and for the other silver atributes made from styrofoam. I cut by myself to made that beautiful shape ;p

i won't forget the Christmas also identic with candles and balls of any material for the pine tree

beautiful deers from wire

Ethnic bird's cage and songket woven as Indonesian touch

And the Indonesian Out fit

Here's some idea for xmas tree, it made of plastic straw to be the cylindrical stackes
(one of my team made that tree)

another idea for xmas tree, it made of wood, inspired from"Gunungan Wayang" shape.
(one of my team made that tree)