Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Collage 0.3 : Lil Zoo In My Garden

my hand, my illustration, my ring+pencil colour

"White flamingo will get pink afer eat a shrimp" :)
my illustration

"Mrs. Flower was so busy collected hearts, until she dont care if the frog is a prince or not"
my illustration

"Which one should i Choose?"
my illustration

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo Collage 0.2

Another Photo Collage for my instagram gallery, 
The doodles, cutting, arrangement and photo are by me.. 
Absolutely fun to me. so i keep doing it :) 
please enjoy my share...

"i am seeking for you, it's Friday i'm in Love!"
mom's cactus, my cutting doodle on paper

my lolipop candy,  my cutting doodle on paper

"Do you know? A Diary Cow produces about 100.000 glasses of Milk in its Lifetime, moo"
my Hi-Lo milk , my furr fabric, and my cutting doodle on paper

"hey!! hEY!! I WaaaAnt!!"
my icecream bubbles pot and my cutting doodle on paper 

"tweet! tweet!"
my hand and my cutting doodle on paper

"i'm imagining this, When Someone who Blast From the Past meet an Iphone, Would be like This"
my cutting doodle on paper

"my tools for photo collage"
my cutting doodle on paper,, yes i usually use them for this project

Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo Collage

There are many ways to show how you love photography. To show the photo by any gallery. One of my favorite digital and social media gallery for documented my artwork and photos is in instagram. 
(my pleasure if you can visit me @nastary ,my instagram account)
I decided to fill my new stream with photo collage.
Real collage not by edit. 
By cutting my doodle/ illustration/ paper craft such as origami. Mixed with any kind of background setting, arranged by me ,too. 

"i miss you, i miss you badly"
my doodle, my blanket, and my DIY stamped handkerchief 

"no more bikini, still catchy"
my doodle, my private collection and my fav oreo ;P

"you have to be free, just get out from your cage"
my doodle and my aunty's stuff , set by me

"it's getting dark already"
my doodle, my origami, my desk and my fabric collection

my doodle, my terrace, my monkey pad, my banana for breakfast today ;p