Friday, January 14, 2011

Books & Sketches Theme, for Window Display

Hello there, it is begining of Chinese New Year season. The rabbit shio's year. My Boss want us to mixed the shio as the icon and the books for the monthly sales of our store. Me and My Visual Merchandiser team (we are 6people) decided to make our Window Display and Gallery in Alun Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia 3rd floor , West Mall with sketches image. All the property for display using triplex wood , painted white and illustrated with handmade sketches.

We still use the red color for the Chinese New Year identicaly image. ;) So I let the wall and the floor to be red. The Chinese Lamp will adds 1 week before the date.

So, this is my work. I name it Anna and Rabbits. I took a setting outside of Book Store ("TOKO BUKU"). So the girl named Anna , who is a teenage girl who loves to read a book. She always visit her favorite book store to feed her brain with many books of Indonesian culture and history to remember.

reading a book

The Door of the book store. The pillow have Palembang, Sumatera pattern. And i added traditional Chinese umbrela also the lunch box for Chinese New Year images.

Couple of yellow birds in the cage,
The Bird Cage is full of Chinese Illustration and Chinese Letter

"Toko Buku" : Book Store

Bunny 1 & 2 and Anna

Bunny 1 wants to know what is the book of Anna's reading

Bunny 2 wants to have a carrot ;p

and that's Me with my art works ;)