Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Illustrations

zebra when i was designing my second munny

my butterflies gone away

makan untuk cari ide. ide untuk cari makan.

one day some guy would asking me to dance

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hand Illustration for T-shirt!

These are actually my work from February 2012. I did some freelance project at that month.  My client is from The Banjar Bali you can see in . They planned to make a retail shop. I also design some packaging and some merchandiser to sell. I dont show them here. Because there are a lot and kind of secret before actually released in the store. I will only publish the T-shirt design, because it have interesting mean of showing the Balinese art traditions. And the way i draw based on Keliki painting style. Which is detail and have a story to tell. Oh ya what makes my work special that these T-shirt are limited edition :)

Barong Bali

Bali Dancer

Actually eyes and fingers are my signature

I love surealism,, if someone ask me who is my fav painter.. I will answer Frida Kahlo. I love her since i study arts in college. Which is 9years ago. She inspired me well. Until i have time to doodle again.. I guess i love to put Eyes and Fingers.. also stars as i have it in my name : afini dwinaSTARy. hehe. 

 November 1st, 2012

 November 2nd, 2012

November 3rd, 2012

My Recent Digital Illustration

I am soo glad my new macbook air can be use for my design graphic,
Because, corel draw in mac doesn't compatible anymore, Then i learn adobe illustrator instead. Oh ya the dates are from Novembr 3rd until 6th. Here they are.. three digital illustration of my practise :)

 ballerina girl

 samurai girl

apache girl