Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Faces on Kaia Gifts order 4

in September 2013..
i painted soo many faces :) usualy they order as a birthday present. 
happy ! this like hand excercise ehheehehehe practice actually. i really grateful to God.

Handmade Book.
birthday present order
for her father 

Father,Mother & Son.
Book & passport case

Painting and Mobile phone purse

passport case for a whole family ^^

Love Letter and painting on canvas

heehe i want to send them with real stamps :)
one to Germany ,one to Bandung

hihi as she wish, she really missed Indonsian's food.
and i wanted to doodle her face, Irine my friend :)

oh ya durring my busy day.. i also paint on canvas.
not yet done. For Ali's room.

and this is it!
my cartoon version of Gunung Gede, Bogor, West Java

Kaia Gifts Order 3

i really love to painting patterns! :D
makes my hand painting &sewing faster day by day. just like practice. Also my brains keep up thinking for the good idea what to draw.

passport case

book cover
passport case

passport case

passport case

DIY necklace

Thursday 26th September...
i was soo happyyyyy!!!
i met my friend and we spent a good times together even only at mall. :D
This one is interesting. My idea just came after i saw this rubber (i dont know,maybe this is eraser or maybe.. a tiny toy figurine) . I got this from Funworld (game station) redeem ticket. Because it was sharing so i only have 25 (from81 ahaha not fair , but it was okaaay, anyway nothing serious). Let's make a cheap stuff into a good/ more functional stuff hehe :P 
easy step to do:  


oh yaa the tiny purple flower hair pin also from the ticket redeem.
so 10(hair pin)+15(deer rubber) =25ticket :D 

tadaaaaa!! i have my kitsch necklace :D

Kaia Gifts Order 2

Then the order of my Kaia book cover by order productions are continue.. 


flamingos 1.0

Al Qur'an Cover

Flamingos 2.0

Mobile phone purse

passport case
a book cover , my gift for my favourite brother :)

Kaia Gifts Order 1

Long time not visit blogspot. I started my own bussiness by selling handmade souvenirs now, kind of busy. My brand named Kaia actually born in May 2013. And the first product i have made are for the bazaar at Art and Craft Tabanan Festival, in Bali. With my Kaia creations embroidery series. I wouldnt talk much now, let's check the photos :) 

my booth and the opening event 



kaia pattern 1
kaia pattern 2

tribal 1
tribal 2
tribal 3

After i get back to Jakarta. My friend and my family order me the book cover. With their requested theme. They only said the clue, then i translated it with my creations and patterns.

key chain

passport case

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lady Bug Frames

Tuesday June 11th, 2013
Here's my ideas, the frames without nail. 
I used ribbon as the lock of it :)

materials and tools

cut the invraboard into a circle

make a hole on centre for the photo space.
and holes around the edge, for ribbons lock.

glue the plastic around the invra board, for glass of the frame 
intertwine the ribbons 

bow tied after 

put dots as a pattern of a lady bug frame :)

Fimo Staedtler Class 2.0

Monday 10th June 2013,
Learn Fimo technique again. We made a coaster with gradation based patterns.

combine two colors
i suggested contrast colour so the gradation really appeared

the gradation

cut and rool it

i made a flower shape and arrange them into a form patterns

after baked from the oven :)
the purple one is my friend's coaster 

this one is creation from Fimo Staedtler trainer