Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY necklace

Thursday 26th September...
i was soo happyyyyy!!!
i met my friend and we spent a good times together even only at mall. :D
This one is interesting. My idea just came after i saw this rubber (i dont know,maybe this is eraser or maybe.. a tiny toy figurine) . I got this from Funworld (game station) redeem ticket. Because it was sharing so i only have 25 (from81 ahaha not fair , but it was okaaay, anyway nothing serious). Let's make a cheap stuff into a good/ more functional stuff hehe :P 
easy step to do:  


oh yaa the tiny purple flower hair pin also from the ticket redeem.
so 10(hair pin)+15(deer rubber) =25ticket :D 

tadaaaaa!! i have my kitsch necklace :D

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