Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First "Munny"

As i walked at my work place, Grand Indonesia view weeks ago.
I visited the stores of Level One Project, East Mall .
I saw Plastic Culture, some store that attracted my eyes to see plastic and vinyl toys.
(I always adores toys) I am soo excited when they said they will hold an Event Competition called
It also have the schedules of these events, if you click the blue line.For costumized the
"Munny World" toys they are : Trikky, Bub, Rooz, Raffy .
I bought Trikky.

Sure, i immediately filled the form of the competition. So, I became one of the contestant.
This competition is divided into several categories. I choosed the costumized accesories categories. They will announced the winners on Sunday, September , 26th, 2010.
And i will attend , i hope i can win the prize ;p But, if I won't, At least i can have my handcrafts exhibitions again.

my Trikky
her name is "Inifa" taken by my reverse name.
She is strong sharp and beauty. She was a good girl but since she have some ambitions to get what she wants, She became bad for survive.
Actually she is a cat, but she wants to go arround the world. So she try swim as mermaid, that can accross the universe widely.
Her hands use boxing gloves. And holds sharp weapons. To fight.
Her head got nails cause she has a rebel mind. But still beauty with her blinks hair piece.



-Markers painted Details-

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