Friday, June 7, 2013

Made DIY Recycle Pack For Jakflo : Owl Savings Bottle

Monday , June 3rd 2013
The day when Teras Putih and Jakflo Creative Center had shooting from TransTV , the local TV channel in Indonesia. Name of the program is "WOWW" (Wendy and Omesh Walking Walking) . That program is like television magazine program, but really funny, sure the host are hillarious.  
For the shoot ,actually they asked me to do scrap book. Suddenly i have an idea to make Do It Your Self pack with recycled bottle.  There will be 10 kids joined my class. 
Before we start i asked them.. which one they would made? Scrap Book or Owl Savings Bottle. 
"OWL SAVING BOTTLE!!!" hihihihi..

Materials and Tools

Cut the Felt Fabric like a Savings Box,
this one should be paste on the bottom of the recycle bottle. That already have a hole.
The position will turn up side down. 

back side view
Front side view

Step by Step
how to make it, i will print this for the pack,
that will be sold at the Jakflo Store.

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