Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will Teaching Handicraft for Holiday Art Marathon 2013

sooo happy!!!

Early week in April me and Jakflo Creative Center had meeting together. We discuss about Holiday Art Marathon event for kids. It will be held in June. There are eight days. Me and Mrs. Dhani,the other trainer have 4 days each to teach. We will visiting many places, museum and make some handicraft that represent the holiday theme.

I will teach on June 18,19,25&26th , 2013.
Here are the example that i've made for the kids to make their own handicraft :

Leaves Pattern Stamp On a Canvas Bag
We'll go to Cassa Grande Villa, Play game of seeking the Leaves, Colour it with Acrylic Paint and
Stamp it to Canvas Bag 

I'll teach my Photo Collage at Eco Park Sentul for the Kids :)

Because we will go to the Horse Ranch, we will make Horse Figurine from Recycle Thing 

Saving Box from Milk Carton will be on my last class  

This one is the flyer :) come and join us, the kids will be have so much fun!! 

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