Thursday, May 23, 2013

My painting for Kids Room

I've been busy lately..
there are many orders i got ,this two weeks. 
This one is ordered by May 4th , 2013.
My friend, Damar Restio called me. He sent me some reference of some drawing that he liked. And then ask me can i make some painting closest to that image. I said ofcourse!! my very pleasure. 
I design it within 3 canvas. Meant continuing day. From daylight to evening. And the animals are by his request. Giraffe, Elephant , and Lion. I used acrylic paint on canvas. Each 50x70cm. I spend 1weeks to finish this painting.
here are my documentation , step by step.. :



adding their eyes and start decorates with pattern

patterns :)

voilaaa,, ready to send ^^

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