Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Mom's Birthday

Sometimes the suddenly project makes my adrenalin rush high!! ahahahaaha
This one also not by sketch or design.. just get along with my creativity to make my mom happy in her birthday , January 24th 2013. 
My sister in Tembagapura yesterday called me , we discussed about mom's birthday surprise.
She asked me to order some fruit bouquet. She told me not to hurry if i were busy.

I tell her, hmm why not you order from me? it is free because its my present for mom ,too! :)

I thought i would make the bouquet after the birthday if i really busy.. but last night (9pm ,23/01/2013) after i finished my mural in Teras Putih. I got an idea. Because everytime on my way home, i always passed fruit store : Total Buah Segar , at Jl. Ampera Raya, Jakarta Selatan.

Why we choose fruit? 
it is a symbolize for mom's healthy, of course!

Why we also give money? hihi..
it is a symbolize for mom's wealthy !! 

Most of all... that don't compares to our gigantic love and careness for Mom :D

the fruit bouquet
by Afini Dwinastary 

here are some step by step fruit bouquet from me..

the basket and fruits

my bouquet arrangement
i stole some flowers from vase in my house
well, we dont need to trash them after the surprise . just reput again to the vase, ahahahahaa :D

my ordinary gift tag
our photo when we were a little girl

put the money to envelope ;p

i use chopstick ;p

my mom look so happy
our mission completed,sis!! :)
If you want me to share my gift dressing/ gift card/ some art and craft ideas ,, let's meet in Jakflo Creative Centre , at The Broadway Jl. Benda 46F , Building D , Kemang -Jakarta Selatan. my pleasure to meet ya ,, thank you. :)

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