Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jakflo Creative Centre on O Channel

During my bussiness for the mural nowadays,, yes i've been doing some mural project again for restaurant, called Teras Putih. Took place at Jl. Benda 46F, Kemang - Jakarta Selatan. Anyway,
i wouldn't tell you about the mural now. (but later,,will be! after its finish ofcourse :) ).

Last Wednesday , on January 16th 2013 , when i painted the wall in Teras Putih.. Suddenly i shocked by one of the owner of Jakflo. She asked me to introduce Jakflo Creative Centre in some TV talkshow program in O Channel.  There are many art and handy craft classes in Jakflo. But, me as an art & craft freelance teacher (majoring jumping clay and gift wrapping class) in Jakflo Creative Centre , have to choose what kind of gift dressing that will be teach to the audiences. Also some photography tips. I have to quickly think about the idea. The talkshow is the next day of that day!! yes!! Taping on Thursday, January 17th 2013. The theme is Valentines Day, because it will be on TV in second week of February :P

I did sleeping late for seeking the idea , hihi but its okay, it was FUN! :D
i want to make love packaging. Some says it looks like lantern.. hhm might be,, lantern to shines our love , ahahaa..

step by step !
I have to prepare 6set of them, the set (kit) to teach the audience

After it dressed :)
Actually the wrapping soo childish ,, hehe but relax it's just for sample

"ice cream for love"
Gift Tag

we can put it into the ribbon of the "Love Lentern" gift dressing
that we made before
Anything you wanted to write on even a kiss! ;)

the set
from left, bottom, and right : me and Ophie (the Jakflo crew), Mrs. Intan (the host), Camera 

some scene 
on O Channel on Sunday, February 17th 2013 at 7pm 
"CINTA" Cerita Wanita - talkshow

The real duration on the show is about 30mins, but here i edit some clips of them :)

How to Make Love Lantern Box part 1

Giving the tips for Wrapping Scent
as the audience ask me how
(sorry there is a sound when my name's appear, it's Mom ahaha)

How to make Love Lantern part 2

Me and Jakflo Creative Centre would say big thanks to Mrs. Intan the beautiful host and all O channel crew. 


  1. waw, i got a inspiration from your love packaging. big thank's, it's unique :3

  2. hai Sabila,, you are very welcome .kindly follow my blog if you look forward for any inspirational art and craft from me. hihi just want to share, but no string attached , it's free choice hehe. Thank you dear. :)