Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jakflo Creative Art&Craft Workshop at Mall Ciputra Jakarta

What will you prepare at your home when Xmass came?
Around the date , there are a lot fun events for children.  As you see we are sharing handy craft workshop for decorates and greetings. 5 Days of art and crafts provided in Mall Ciputra, Jakarta. Day1 (17Dec2012) is Fondan Figurine, Day 2 (19Dec2012): Snowman Diorama, Day3(21Dec2012): Scrap Book , Day4(23Dec2012):Acordeon Card, Day5(24Dec2012): Xmass Tree. (Sorry if i dont post all the photos :P) .. Of course we invite you all to join our class in Jakflo :)

Day one Fondan Figurine

The Fondan Figurines of Xmass

Acordeon Cards , Santa Handy and Xmass Socks

Look soo many Kids there joined us! So happy because it happens in all 5 days.

Last Day: Xmass Tree.. and she is ready to have some fun!

Loook they all use it as a hat,, another function! hihi ;p

we are the teacher :)

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