Friday, October 14, 2011

Ceramic Exhibition 6th-12th October 2011

"Ready ,Set, Go.. Who's The Winner?!"

Treat your wall as a human, Cover them with wallpaper as their Skin, They might hear what you do in the room within. -Afini Dwinastary-

Stoneware, Colored Slip, Glaze, 1250*C, Hand Built, Various Dimenssion, 2011

I have concept and i have story for the tittle of my work in this exhibition. As i told you before, my concept comes from the tittle of the workshop,"Skin Matters" by Mirjam Veldhuis, ceramic artist.

I choose wallpaper as the skin. That cover the wall. In my perception, wall is the silent witness that only can hear. That's why , they wanted to hear what we do, untill their ear pops up from the wallpaper.

Then i made the display not only simple display, but i want it to have a story. I set them as a living room from my TV idea in the recent brain storming. As i see my ceramics are many. Some I've made it welldone, some i made it crack, or torn on some part.

So, my story of the display is about competition of applying wallpaper in the room. There are two room. One still messy i called it "Un-fini-shed Room" . Another one is already tidy and clean i called it "Fini-shed Room".

"Un-fini-shed Room"

next side "Un-fini-shed room"

"Fini-shed Room"

next side "Fini-shed Room"

outside "Fini-shed Room"

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