Friday, October 14, 2011

Ceramic Workshop before Exhibition 6th-12th Oct,11

Mirjam Veldhuis , the ceramic artist from Holand. She is our mentor in the workshop. The concept is about "Skin Matters". She told us to used some pattern, look a like a flower with many petals as a brain storming method. That is , in my opinion, really works well! :)

My sketch of the brain-storming idea. On the center we wrote skin, and next petal we wrote anything random which still conected with skin. And every next word have related with the word before and so on, but randomly. Then the word on last petals will be far away from Skin Matters. That i choose TV. How come Skin related to TV?? hehe, now that is the challenge.

Many idea growth in my brain. But after i wrote it, i choosed to make a wallpaper as an identic thing with TV. Well, usually we watch TV in the Living room. And Living Room in nowadays or even in old time, use wallpaper as the wall decoration in house, replace the paint.

And wall..somehow, we called a witness that can hear what we do in the room. They can not see or speak. I interpretationed it with ears popping out from the wall through the wallpaper.

Anykinds of ear, because i dont know, whats in there.. but i know they really wants to hear us.

i used "hand built" technique to make the ear

ears on wallpaper!! i did soo many ;D

and these one is the furniture in the Living Room as another display props. I spray them all white

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