Friday, December 23, 2011

Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011

HEY !! long time not update my blog, while i had some great activities to share.
I joined the Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011 again, the date was in December 9th to 11th.
This was my second participation. If the first one was only a tinny puppets of "trikky" which is 4inch. Then now we have to modification the bigger Munny. It was about 7inch tall.

My concept is about a women. She represents of me. And i give her a pattern of zebra. Because i love zebra, and i mixed with my last ear ceramics exhibition as her background setting. Her name is Inifa. Which is reverse of my name. I let her chest and stomach open as i know she's fragile but still wanted to be brave colected ears , because women loved to hear and to be hear. Well ignore the concept.. and let your perception flow when you see her, then .

If i put in the box again, looks like already a zebra!

her chest and stomach

her hand

before front hair

after front hair

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