Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giant Globe for Bank Mandiri Events

Can't sleep tonight after christmas dinner with my family. I drink hazelnut decaf coffee when we had dessert. Thanks God was red velvet cake ,soo yummy! suit much with the bitter coffee. Actually we are muslim familly. But, just to have fun celebrate the 25th December night. We had christmas tree with presents at the bottom. Gathered them to exchange each other. i got nice shirt, yellow tanktop with shinny diamonds and channel 5 colors eyeshadow make up.

one of my present for my nephew

christmas tree

my family, opening present!

Okay, for making me sleepy, now i want to share about my recent project. I got it from my workplace. My director asked me , could i make some giant globe. She said it's for Bank Mandiri event that should be big to hug. So every people can take photo with the globe. I said , sure! i want to make it :)
And the deal begin with "no styrofoam please!" . yes, absolutely i was glad, because i dont want to use that material too. I choose bamboo as the framework. Then, a newspapers as a wrapping and for the textured geographic map.
here's the photo when it finished :

me and the giant globe (not james with the giant peach , ;p). photo taken right away after finished. That's why i still use my pajamas at 6am.

the process after i wrapped it all with the newspapers, i used wallpaint for the colouring.

and it's done! needs two days to finished. I did from 9am until 5am by the next day after.
Of course with rest and watch tv ahaha :D
Happy i did that by my own hand. Except the bamboo framework, i asked my artisan.

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