Friday, December 23, 2011

my Digital caricature

My friend gonna marry hehe..His name is Damar Restio. He asked me to make a caricature of him and his fiance. Directly i choose digital way. Using photoshop and corel draw, are easier way to do fast. Actually it's been a long time ago. Like for about in July he asked me. I've been busy ;p then i finished it in December. And gave him on 12th. He will be marry on 24th Dec 2011. Such a cute couple. I love em , like my lil brother and lil sis!

Earlybird feeling for Love birds :)

these one is their real photo

these one is my conversation with Damar, when he can't stand to looked forward to see the progres last time.

their clothes ;p

and of course their horse.. actually looks like me, ahahhaahha

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