Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love my iPhone and instagram

Find @nastary in instagram!! it's my nickname there.
Instagram is the reason i love photography. Makes me productive every day. I'm very thankful to iPhone. Very thankful also to technology nowadays. Keeping us easier and easier to do anything. But please dont be a lazy head or like retarded because of that?!

As i seen in my friends or people's feed, now, everyone can be a photographer!!
I feel like i don't need fancy camera or even professional camera. Already satisfied with this gadget, which provides instagram and all apps.

here just some of my earlybird post. enjoy!

"can u see love in my colourful bread?!"

me playin' Liked icon ,courtesy of instagram

" I Still here, but why there are two shadow of me, one's floating too?"

" i swear, i sware i'm an apple!!"

"Have some Banana Smile"

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